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Almost all of us are dreading the insurance bill.  Whether its monthly, quarterly or annual payments, its hard to let go of our hard-earned cash.  Here are 5 ways of lowering your car insurance premium right away.

  1.  Choose an annual premium instead of monthly payment plan – One way to lower your car insurance premium is to eliminate surcharges and interest charges.  These surcharges and interest charges rack up and increase your payments. Paying your insurance premium in full right away will take out at least 3% of the rates.
  2. Ask about discounts from your broker –  We usually have more than one item to insure like our vehicles and home. Talk to your broker and ask for advise on how you can bundle these together and get a multi-line discount that start from 5% onwards. Another discount that may be worthwhile to ask is a multi-vehicle discount.  If you have more than one car in your household, you may be able to save more than you know!
  3. Get your driving and insurance records from the first time you’ve driven –  Consider all of your driving and insurance history whether its from another province or a different country.  Getting a driver’s abstract from a different province is very easy.  You can go online, request for the abstract and in less than a week they email or fax it to you.  If you have a driving history from another country, you can get it from your local transportation department. Make sure it is translated in English.
  4. Add drivers 25 years old and above – Age of the driver usually increases your car insurance rates.  When you only have drivers 25 years or older, you can eliminate young driver surcharges.  Also,  having drivers on your policy with 10 years experience only can save you more money.  
  5. Shop around for insurance quotes –  This is always the best tip.  Be informed and do not settle.  The cheapest car insurance rate for you may only be a few clicks away.  You can easily get a quote online and compare rates from different insurance companies.  Click on and find your best rate.
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Get Your Best Auto Insurance Quote
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