Ontario Auto Insurance is also one of the most expensive insurance throughout Canada.  Ontario is one of the provinces where car insurance is privatized. Car Insurance in Ontario, alongside with Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Quebec, is offered by independent companies.

Car insurance in Ontario is available through insurance advisors, agents and brokers.  A lot of Ontarians have used these channels to get their car insurance.  Over 8.5 million drivers in Ontario, who wants to go travelling through the great lakes, are being serviced by over 50 insurance companies. The most convenient way of getting car insurance quotes in Ontario is through getting free online quotes all at once from different insurance companies.

Easyrates.ca will soon be serving drivers in Ontario soon!  Be on our guest list and get an invitation when our site offers free car insurance quotes in Ontario.  Send us an email at info@easyrates.ca and include your renewal date so we can send the cheapest insurance rate we can get from our network of insurance companies.

While waiting for our site, you can find the list of Insurance Companies in Ontario through the FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario website https://www5.fsco.gov.on.ca/Licensing/LicClass/eng/lic_companies_class.aspx .

Ontario Auto Insurance – Coming soon on easyrates.ca!

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