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Ultrasonic sensors equipped cars rolled out from the assembly line of Elon Musk’s electric-car company sometime last October 2014.

This was the beginning of an evolution that allows a vehicle with an electronic guidance system to perform what an airplane does while on air – Autopilot.

Tesla customers could acquire a system that utilizes sensors, camera, radar, and digitally controlled braking module, as a vital aid against collision.

This essentially enables the vehicle’s autopilot system to override control of the vehicle enabling it to stop before a crash is imminent.

After extensive research, testing and data analysis, the company released an updated version (Tesla v7.0) of its existing autopilot software on all vehicles sold since then.

Get Your Best Auto Insurance Quote

With the updated software, traffic aware cruise control and forward collision warning features takes over steering, lane changing, travel speed and yes, parking.

The legality of Autopilot since then had taken form after countless customers posted videos on social media doing hands free driving on highways while having coffee or doing something else other than driving.

Major Issue: Collision Insurance
How will insurance premiums be computed? This sparks a very interesting debate when the underlying issue pinpoints to who get faulted in the event of a collision – Tesla or Driver?

The update is another step on the path to vehicular capability of fully performing autonomous driving, though experts predict we still have some time to wait until those hit our roads.

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Get Your Best Auto Insurance Quote
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