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Alberta Auto Insurance is considered to have one of the country’s most reasonable premiums.  Although the rates are comparatively low than that of Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the rates are just average in relation to the 9 provinces.  While living in Alberta, you are sure to enjoy these perks — great scenery and you can find cheap car insurance quotes Alberta.

Yes, you need auto insurance in order to drive in Alberta. Without insurance, you expose yourself to risks like an accident. If caught driving without insurance, the fine is from $2500 and up and your vehicle may get towed.

How do I get Auto Insurance in Alberta?

Auto insurance is provided by private insurance companies in Alberta. You can get them directly from the insurance companies or through brokers and agents. You can also take advantage of insurance comparison websites and get an insurance quote in less than 5 minutes without leaving your home!


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basic liability

Liability coverage is needed in Alberta auto insurance. Minimum required liability is $200,000 up to $5 Million depending on what you request from your insurance advisor. You will also need Accident Benefits for your medical expenses in case you are hurt in an accident. And Family Protection coverage to protect you in case you are hit by a third party who has no or limited liability coverage.

What insurance coverage is needed for a financed or leased vehicle?

Full Coverage is needed for a financed or leased vehicle. You will need at least $1 Million liability, Accident Benefits, Collision, Comprehensive and Family Protection coverage. You can also add Loss of Use to pay for rental car in case your vehicle is being fixed due to an accident, Emergency Service for vehicle towing, Liability to Non-owned vehicle to cover rented or borrowed vehicle for less than 30 days and Limited Waiver of Depreciation in case your vehicle gets totaled or written off.

What discounts are available for auto insurance?

You can avail of Multi-vehicle by insuring two vehicles in one company. Multi-line discount can be availed if you bundle your home and auto insurance. New business discount when you transfer to a new company. There are a lot more discounts available make sure you discuss this with an insurance advisor before you set up insurance.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Alberta

How can I get cheaper auto insurance in Alberta?

Always review your policy yearly and shop around when it is close to your renewal. Convictions, claims and suspensions increase your auto insurance premiums. Discounts are available in every insurance company so make sure that you can avail of it if you qualify.

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