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Alberta Insurance requires you to carry at least $200,000 liability coverage to protect you in
cases of an accident and sued as a result of which. Although what is recommended is for you to carry at least $1 Million, you have the following options $200,000, $300,000, $500,000 or $2 Million.

Accident Benefits
Generally, most insurance companies provide $50,000 Accident Benefits Coverage for medical
expenses resulting in a car accident. This varies though from company to company.

This coverage will protect your vehicle in case of damage due to an accident. Whether this is a
vehicle to vehicle collision, rollover or collision with an object, this will repair or replace your vehicle
in case of an accident.

Damage due to hail, theft, fire, glass breakage and impact with an animal is protected under the
Comprehensive coverage. You can request to exclude glass coverage and this can potentially reduce your premium.

Loss of Use
If your vehicle is being fixed due to an accident, this coverage will provide a rental car until your
vehicle is repaired.

Get Your Best Auto Insurance Quote

Liability to Unowned Vehicle
This coverage will provide for an extension of your auto insurance in case you are driving a
vehicle that is not yours. Perfect example will be a rental vehicle. This will extend the coverage of your insurance up to a certain amount only.

Family Protection
In case you are hit by a driver who has no insurance coverage or his insurance limits are too low
to cover for the damage, or if it’s a hit and run situation, this coverage will pay for any injuries you may have or death after the accident.

Accident Waiver
You can purchase an Accident Forgiveness Coverage for the first accident for a low premium.
Although, not everyone may qualify, still you can ask your broker if you can avail of it.

Emergency Road Service
This will provide a vehicle tow/roadside assistance due to an accident or for when your car
breaks down. This service has a limit per occurrence and you can ask your broker about this since it is different per insurance company.

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Get Your Best Auto Insurance Quote
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